Revolutionary folding kit homes that can be installed in hours or days

Revolutionary folding kit homes that can be installed in hours or days

Folding kit homes, making building a home quicker and easier

The process of building a home has become increasingly innovative and less time-consuming. It's even possible to buy a prefab home that folds out onto your site and can be easily installed or even moved to different sites if need be. Before investing in one of these homes, it's important to check that your local authority doesn't prohibit you from building this home type. You'll also need to find a suitable plot with the necessary consents and permits in place before you build one. Ensure that the home you choose to build conforms to the rules and regulations set out by your local authority. You may also be allowed to use the smaller floor space designs to extend your current home,  providing an independent extra room, granny annexe or separate office space.  Advice from an architect should be sought in this respect.
We'll take a look at two companies who provide these innovative new folding homes, taking the pressure out of building a new home and making it a lot easier and quicker.

Brette Haus:

Brette Haus provide a selection of designs suitable for both home and business purposes. Their entry model is more of a tiny house concept and is called the rustic 15. The rustic 15 kit is priced at approximately £16,700. You'll need to add VAT, delivery and customs clearance to their kit prices. These homes can be designed and altered to suit your needs at an additional cost. The rustic 15 entry model comes with a preinstalled shower room, kitchen sink,  plumbing and electrics. This means your property can potentially be set up in less than 3 hours once it's been delivered. However, you will need to make sure your plot is level and doesn't have any obstacles that could hinder your site's access when your house is delivered and installed. Other issues you'll need to consider are how the property will be connected to water, electricity, and sewer services. In some circumstances, it may be that a local expert is required to carry out this installation dependent on the rules and regulations for where you're locating your home/business.

We suggest you take a look at Brette Haus website for further details.


M.A.D.I offer prefabricated houses, that have a choice of floor space sizes dependent on your requirements and offer four different design styles. Once you've made your order, it'll take approximately 3 months for them to manufacture your house, before it's ready to be delivered to you. This means that it can be ready to a turnkey standard within 12 working days once delivered on-site. This is a lot quicker than the average time frame of 6-9 months to construct a house on site. You can also customise the interior to give it your own personal style. As with the previous kit house, you'll need to consider access to your site, how services will be connected, and ensure that the plot provides a suitable foundation for your home.

To find out more, take a look at the M.A.D.I website


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